IEEE Article: The Ongoing Evolution of OpenMP

>>IEEE Article: The Ongoing Evolution of OpenMP

IEEE Article: The Ongoing Evolution of OpenMP

Just published on the IEEE Digital Library. Here’s the abstract:

This paper presents an overview of the past, present and future of the OpenMP application programming interface (API). While the API originally specified a small set of directives that guided shared memory fork-join parallelization of loops and program sections, OpenMP now provides a richer set of directives that capture a wide range of parallelization strategies that are not strictly limited to shared memory. As we look toward the future of OpenMP, we immediately see further evolution of the support for that range of parallelization strategies and the addition of direct support for debugging and performance analysis tools. Looking beyond the next major release of the specification of the OpenMP API, we expect the specification eventually to include support for more parallelization strategies and to embrace closer integration into its Fortran, C and, in particular, C++ base languages, which will likely require the API to adopt additional programming abstractions.

IEEE Digital Library link. (Requires subscription)

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