Talks in the OpenMP booth:

OpenMP in Embedded Systems – Sunita Chandrasekaran (U. of Houston) and Sven Brehmer (PolyCore Software)
Video | Sunita’s Slides | Sven’s Slides

New Features in OpenMP 4.0 API Specifications – YongHong Yan (U. Houston)
Video | YongHong’s Slides

Tasking in OpenMP – Ruud van der Pas (Oracle)
Video | Ruud’s Slides

Using OpenMP 4.0’s new accelerator model with TI’s attached DSP+ARM devices – Eric Stotzer (Texas Instruments)
Video | Eric’s Slides

OpenMP and NVIDIA – Jeff Larkin (NVIDIA)
Video | Jeff’s Slides

OpenMP Birds of a Feather Session

Part 1: Welcome (Michael Wong – IBM and OpenMP ARB CEO); API Developments (Bronis de Supinski – LLNL)
Video | Michael’s Slides | »Bronis’s Slides

Part 2: A New Model for Parallel Programming? – Ruud van der Pas
Video | »Ruud’s Slides

Part 3: OpenMP and Clang/LLVM – Jim Cownie (Intel)
Video | Jim’s Slides

Part 4: OpenMP Tools – John Mellor-Crummey (Rice U.)
Video | John’s Slides